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Dec 4, 2019

I bet you learned that setting goals is important. How else can you accomplish anything? And how do you know where you’re going? Well...there IS a different way. A way that might work MUCH better for you!



Listen to this episode and find out:


  • How goals can work AGAINST you instead of serve you;


  • Why and how it’s possible to grow your business without setting goals (and manifest anything, really);


  • What I do instead of setting goals (spoiler alert: not much),


  • What happens the moment you stop setting goals (a super positive side effect and...something else.)


Above all, just like the previous episode, this episode is an invitation and an inspiration for you to follow your OWN truth and wisdom, and quit forcing yourself to do anything that doesn’t feel right for you.

I hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to ‘seeing’ you on the next one!

In the meantime:

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